The Traffic Group

The Traffic Group

Lisa Kielian

Business Manager & Corporate Secretary

Lisa Kielian serves as The Traffic Group’s Business Manager, as well as an Officer of the company in the capacity of Corporate Secretary. She is responsible for managing areas of the firm’s business operations, such as vendor purchases, various expense analyses, credit cards, telecommunications, management of accounts receivable and computer/IT services, to name a few. Lisa also assists in the corporate management of the firm.

As Corporate Secretary, Ms. Kielian maintains corporate documents and records of the company, attends Board/corporate meetings and records Meeting Minutes.  She manages and maintains records of State level certifications in various states.  Ms. Kielian also oversees and coordinates Stockholder transactions with corporate counsel, including stock certificate issuance and transfers, as well as various Stockholder correspondence.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • Associate of Arts, Essex Community College