The Traffic Group

The Traffic Group

Don Ruth

Project Manager - Data Division

Don Ruth has a wealth of experience in program management and traffic data collection, having spent significant time refining his expertise in these areas. He plays a pivotal role in managing the firm’s traffic monitoring contracts for the New York State Department of Transportation across Regions 4, 5, 6, and 10 and lends his expertise to assist with the traffic monitoring contracts for Virginia’s Department of Transportation.

Before his tenure at The Traffic Group, Don made substantial contributions as a contractual senior staff engineer for the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Office of Traffic and Safety Capital Programs Division. In this capacity, he was instrumental in evaluating traffic control device requests and addressing complex operational and safety challenges. Don’s extensive background and hands-on experience in both the strategic and operational facets of traffic management underscore his valuable contribution to the field.



General Engineering Drafting and C.A.D.D., TESST College of Technology


Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)