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TESLOOP and a 3 Million Mile Warranty on Your Car

Tesla’s popular Model S, now has an eight-year, infinite mile warranty on both the battery pack and the drive unit, with no limit on the number of owners over the course of the car’s life. Tesla believes that electric motors are fundamentally more reliable than gasoline engines with far fewer moving parts, no oily residue, and no combustion byproducts to gum up the engine.

Knowing this warranty exists on Tesla motorcars, a group of young entrepreneurs from the west coast started Tesloop. The Tesloop travel experience is similar to an airline where passengers share a cabin in a plane. Instead of going through the trials of an airport, Tesloop leaves from a convenient Tesla supercharger station location. Tesloop has an expanding fleet of fully electric Tesla model vehicles that seat up to four people. From departure to arrival, Tesloop has designed a process, free of hassles, and free of the TSA.

To support productivity and wellness during the trip, Tesloop offers complimentary amenities including Wi-Fi, device chargers, and purified water. Healthy refreshments like organic juices, light meals, and snacks are available for purchase during your ride from Point A to Point B in a Tesloop automobile.

The Tesloop Model S has the best safety rating of any car ever tested and the only car that received a maximum possible 5 star safety rating from both the European New Car Assessment Program and the United States National Traffic Safety Administration. Over 1 billion miles have been travelled in Tesla, with no permanent injuries or fatalities. Tesla has also released autopilot version 7.1, which has made travel even safer.

The non-stop airline trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is one hour. However, you need to arrive at the airport at least an hour in advance, and you could easily assume a 30 minute drive from your home or business to the airport. Then, after arriving at the airport in Las Vegas, it could take 30 minutes to disembark the plane, walk through the airport, wait in line for a taxi and drive to the strip. Total time needed to make the one hour flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas equals about three hours.

For Tesloop, booking is simple and on the day of your trip you arrive at your departure point five to 20 minutes before the scheduled departure for the four-and-a-half hour trip.

The difference in costs is also significant. The cost of a one-way trip by Southwest Airlines ranges from $150 to $250. The cost to take Tesloop is about $85.

Tesla automobiles that are used by Tesloop have the autopilot feature, which has been downloaded directly to the Tesla computers:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Auto steering
  • Lane detection
  • Line spot detection
  • Emergency braking
  • Automatic passing
  • Lane departure warning

For short jaunts between cities, this may be the new way of travel in the coming years. So, sit back and relax (and put your seatbelt on), and watch as the transportation world is transformed into what we believed was only possible in the movies just a few years ago.