Corporate Office
The Traffic Group, Inc.
Suite H, 9900 Franklin Square Drive
Baltimore, MD 21236
P 410-931-6600
P Toll Free:1-800-583-8411
F 410-931-6601
F Toll Free:1-800-236-8644

Delmarva Office
Betty H. Tustin, P.E., PTOE
P 1-443-513-4128

Project Office Locations
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Washington State
West Virginia

Company Contacts

Information Concerning Request for Proposals (RFPs) or Other Marketing Requests
Wes Guckert, PTP, President/CEO
Renata Haberkam, Director of Business Development

Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Services
Mickey A. Cornelius, PE, PTOE, Senior Vice President
Joe Caloggero, PE, PTOE, PTP, Vice President

Engineering Graphics and Design
Glenn Cook, Vice President
Paul Dorr, Director of Engineering Design
John Dirndorfer, Director of Traffic Engineering Design

Data Collection Services
Anthony Guckert, Senior Vice President, Data Division
John Blair, Vice President, Data Division

Career Opportunities
Please check the Current Openings

General Information
Lisa Kielian, Business Manager
Nancy Krupp, Accounting Manager/Benefits Coordinator
Susan Brown, Human Resources Manager

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