Oxford Square

  • Oxford Square
Preston Scheffenacker Properties
Howard County, MD

With easy access to I–95, Route 100, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and the Dorsey MARC Station a short five-minute walk away, Howard County’s largest Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Oxford Square, is all about getting around, whether you choose to drive, take transit, bike, or walk. Capacity issues were projected for a nearby interchange with anticipated traffic growth.

The Traffic Group developed Concepts for a modification to the interchange that would improve traffic flow and accommodate the anticipated traffic growth. Road improvement plans were also developed to provide safe and efficient access to the development. The Traffic Group’s recommendations were provided to government for redesign of the interchange. Proposed solutions included a possible Diverging Diamond Interchange or an Urban Diamond design. Both designs would greatly improve existing and future traffic conditions. Bus service has been proposed to and from the MARC station to compliment pedestrian access. Road improvements are being constructed by the developer to accommodate traffic at the site access points.