Konterra Town Center

  • Konterra Town Center
Konterra, LP
Prince George’s County, MD

A premier business and residential community, Konterra straddles I–95, just one exit north of the Capital Beltway. Konterra Town Center is planned to include upscale retail, shopping, and dining destinations, intermixed with office and residential uses. The Traffic Group was tasked with taking this raw low-density project through rezoning, design, and Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) approval. The challenge: ensure the 10 million square foot mixed-use space can be adequately accommodated without the need of a transit system to serve a substantial number of riders. Working with government agencies to ensure they had a clear understanding of trip generation rates for a large mixed-use development, The Traffic Group was able to successfully design an on-site road network that consists mainly of two-lane internal roads, due to the redundant and parallel roads, and an off-site road network that has been constructed and is now ready to support the development. Our analysis and designs were approved by all government agencies with little debate, and our established reputation was paramount in convincing government agencies of the road network necessary to support the project.