VDOT Traffic Data Collection Services

  • VDOT Traffic Data Collection
Virginia Central, Eastern, Northern and Northwestern Regions

VDOT is required to provide their District Offices and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) with details on the amount and type of traffic along all of the State’s road system. Not only does VDOT require accurate data collection – which is not unusual – but they do require the exact type and conditions of the machines in use, down to the most minute details. For example, VDOT officials required details on how the inside of the machines function. To accommodate their requests, The Traffic Group’s teams have a QA/QC program in place not only for the data, but for the equipment used for VDOT contracts. As a result, The Traffic Group has consistently satisfied VDOT’s high and unyielding standards. From there, we have applied their standards and our success to contracts with other Departments of Transportation around the country.

As one of our Traffic Engineering Division’s contract partners, they (The Traffic Group, Inc.) collect between 4,500 and 5,000 traffic counts annually. TTG has successfully fulfilled its contractual obligations to VDOT in the sixteen separate contracts we have had with them over the past fourteen years.

Tom Schinkel, Commonwealth of Virginia