Canton Crossing

  • Canton Crossing
Mark Sapperstein/Atapco Properties, Inc.
Baltimore City, MD

To create a retail center that would be the focal point of the community was the vision Canton Crossing developers had for this massive redevelopment of an industrial property in the City of Baltimore. At the time, the main road adjacent to the site proposed to include a future light rail line (the Red Line). This meant that road improvements and traffic signalization needed to include provisions for the future light rail. There was limited time to get all approvals and construction completed to meet tenant requirements. The Traffic Group’s analysis and subsequent road improvement and signal plans minimized future changes should the light rail project be constructed. The design plans were personally walked through the City agencies to get the required approvals to meet project deadlines. All improvements were closely coordinated to minimize future changes along the adjacent road. Canton Crossing was approved, constructed, and successfully opened for business.