Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Consulting Services

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a suite of elements that create a high-quality rapid transit experience using rubber-tired vehicles. This experience often entails a high degree of performance (especially speed and reliability), ease of use, careful attention to aesthetics and comprehensive planning that includes associated land uses. BRT seeks to meet or exceed these characteristics through careful application of selected elements.

A great BRT system, when properly designed, allows for more transit riders and a more green, sustainable community. Not only can it help riders save precious time and money, but it can also connect more people to much-needed jobs and educational opportunities. BRT offers a transportation option that is economically feasible and proven to reduce traffic congestion, while still providing a solid transit solution. Are you considering BRT? Along with concept plans, The Traffic Group can prepare detailed cost estimates that address details relating to the stations, cost for fare machines, for continuous pour concrete paving, reconstruction of traffic signals, etc. Contact our traffic consultants for more information.

  • The following represents relevant projects for which The Traffic Group has undertaken Concept Plans and Cost Estimates for the construction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems:

    Montgomery County RTV-BRT System
    Client: Montgomery County Transit Task Force
    Length of system: Approximately 150 miles

    Howard County BRT System
    Client: Howard County Government
    Length of system: Approximately 37 miles

    Prince George’s County BRT System
    Clients: Walton International Group, Inc.
    Length of system: Approximately 10 miles

    I-95 Greenbelt to Konterra BRT
    Client: Konterra, LP
    Length of system: Approximately 7.5 miles

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