What Is a Traffic Engineer?

Throughout my career, it has been difficult to explain what I do for a living. That’s why we thought our introductory blog would be a good opportunity to explain what traffic engineers and transportation planners do day-to-day. Early on, I would try to explain what I did for a living and, inevitably, I would receive […]

Automated Parking: A Solution for Overcrowded Garages

Parking Technology Today – While automated parking is an emerging solution in the United States, it has been tested – and proven – in Asia and Europe for the past 20 years, explains Wes Guckert. Now is the time for this solution to become mainstream in cities across America.

A Robotic Revolution

International Parking Institute – Urban population is steadily on the rise, driving demand for premium land within cities. This will continue to make land in urban settings more and more costly, and developers will look for more ways to accommodate more people into urban centers. The Traffic Group’s Wes Guckert explains how robotic parking now […]

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