Giving Thanks and Giving Back

This time of year, we’re all a little kinder and more generous. But, at The Traffic Group, we have worked to create an environment within the company that results in community spirit and consistent community involvement throughout the year, by corporate officers and individual team members alike. Throughout the year, we make a point to […]

Self-Driving Cars: Are We Living in the Future?

If you have been paying attention to the latest news from the vehicle manufacturing industry, you may have noticed a new trend: some cars don’t need a driver! While it may seem we are “back to the future,” most car manufactures are investing resources to develop cars that rely on technology to go from Point […]

Bus Rapid Transit Systems: A Viable Transit Solution

ITE Journal – Wes Guckert explains how BRT has the potential to save taxpayers millions of dollars while simultaneously reducing traffic congestion and providing great transit. He cites examples of successful BRT systems from around the country and internationally.

BRT – Part 2

Our last blog explained what bus rapid transit (BRT) is and why it’s a good alternative to traditional light rail. We thought it made sense to cite a few examples of how BRT is helping commuters get from Point A to Point B while also cutting traffic and saving money – or in some cases, […]

Traffic Group’s Guckert Appointed Chair of ULI’S Public Development Infrastructure Council

Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. (10/21/15) – Wes Guckert, PTP, President & CEO of The Traffic Group (TTG), has been named Chairman for the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Public Development Infrastructure Council (PDIC). Guckert was inaugurated at the recent ULI Fall Meeting, held in San Francisco, for a two-year term. A nationally recognized industry association, […]

BRT Part 1 – What Is It?

How many of us flip on the tv, radio, or check an app on our mobile phone most days to check traffic? We wonder, “Is congestion on the roadways going to make me late for work, school, or an important meeting?” Traffic is a problem plaguing cities across the U.S. We can easily look at […]

Save Space and Money with Automated Parking

For the past few years, our industry has been discussing the trend to move back into cities and urban centers. We are seeing mixed-used developments of all sizes pop up from the East Coast to West Coast. Part of the appeal of having a work-live-play environment is the time saved commuting. Once at their destination, […]

Newest Technology in Data Collection

Forty-three years ago when I joined the Transportation and Traffic Engineering Industry (which makes me sound old – I know some of you are saying, well, Wes, you are), data collection – the art of counting cars – was entirely different as it relates to technology. In 1972, turning movement traffic counts were conducted by […]

Baltimore Needs BRT

The Baltimore Sun – In this Readers Response, Wes Guckert cites that a BRT system presents Baltimore with a transportation option that is economically feasible and proven to reduce traffic congestion, while still providing a solid transit solution.

Why Bus Rapid Transit Makes Sense for Baltimore

Baltimore Business Journal – President and CEO of The Traffic Group, Wes Guckert, defends the Hogan Administration on its decision to terminate plans for Baltimore’s Red Line, calling it fiscally responsible.

Traffic Engineering Bridges & Infrastructure Issues

Our Country is entering a very serious, dangerous, and complicated time in the transportation and infrastructure industry. Motorists are becoming increasingly more frustrated with travel delays that are caused by roadway maintenance projects and expect that free-flow traffic should occur 24 hours a day. Motorists now understand that commuting traffic typically occurs between 7–9 am […]

Bus Rapid Transit Systems: A Viable Transit Solution (Industry Perspective)

Government Technology – With budget deficits plaguing states across the country and traffic congestion and population on the rise, state and local governments are searching for economically feasible transit alternatives. Wes Guckert explains that Bus Rapid Transit can serve the transportation needs of a growing populous much like light rail, but at a fraction of […]

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